Showing of documentary films

Movies presented in the Terezin Memorial

There are 2 cinemas in the Terezín Memorial - in the Small Fortress with its capacity of 150 seats and in the Ghetto Museum with 140 seats. There is an alternative space for showing films in the Small Fortress if the cinema is ocuppied - in the foyer of the cinema, the capacity: 25 seats.

Presented movies:

A town marked by tragedy. Chapters from Terezín’s history.
Documentary film about the history of Terezin.
~ 31 min.

The presented town.
Fragments from the propaganda film from 1944 and drawings from the ghetto inmates.
~ 11 min.

There live no butterflies here.
Children’s drawings and poems of the ghetto.
~ 15 min.

Transport “Er”.
A puppet film for the age group 8-12
10 min.

Helga L-520.
The animation of children’s drawings of Helga Weiss-Hošková, the children’s inmate of the Terezín Ghetto.
20 min.

Incarcerated dreams.
Authentic pictures and paintings of children from the ghetto and music from the children’s opera „Bumblebee“.
~ 20 min.