Visitor Code of Conduct

Compendium of Visitor Code of Conduct 

  • The sites administered by the Terezín Memorial that are open to visitors are the following: the Small Fortress and the National Cemetery (National Cultural Monument), the Ghetto Museum and the Park of the Terezín Children, part of the former Magdeburg Barracks, the Jewish Cemetery and the Crematorium, the Columbarium and part of the fortifications, the Ceremonial Halls and the Central Morgue of the Ghetto, the Jewish Prayer Room and a replica of the “garret”, the former Town Weighbridge, the Russian Cemetery, the Soviet Soldiers’ Cemetery, the Railway Siding Memorial Plaque, the Memorial Site by the Ohře River, the Crematorium of the Litoměřice Forced Labour Camp.
  • Detailed opening hours here
  • The detailed price list can be viewed here
  • Tours are either individual (without a guide) or guided (accompanied by a Terezín Memorial guide or guide authorised by the Terezín Memorial), its reservation is highly recommended
  • It is permitted to take photographs and make video recordings in both the exterior and interior parts of the complex solely for the visitor’s personal use, the content must not violate the reverent character of the Memorial, or show sympathy for the movement aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms, as well as denying, questioning, approving and justifying the genocides committed by the Nazi regime
  • It is prohibited to bring weapons or other objects into the objects of the Memorial, which by their nature could cause material damage or damage to health
  • Visitors must behave with respect to the piety and character of the place
  • It is prohibited in any way to damage sites, collections, greenery and any other property at the sites of the Terezín Memorial
  • Movement in the Terezín Memorial only along the designated visitor route
  • Entry with dogs into the buildings is prohibited
  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings
  • Visitors can find the book of wishes and complaints at the ticket offices of the Terezín Memorial (in the Small Fortress, in the Ghetto Museum, in the Magdeburg Barracks)
  • Visitors are obliged to comply with the visiting regulations

The full text of the Visitor Code of Conduct here