Columbarium, Ceremonial Halls and Central Morgue

The columbarium was set up in the original fortification to store the cremated remains of thousands of victims of the ghetto and the prison in the Small fortress after the crematorium was built behind the town walls in 1942.

Permanent exhibition:

  • Memory hall - possibility to hang up the memory desk on the wall
  • Replica of the urns storage

The ceremoniall halls and central morgue were also set up in the original fortification on oposite site of the columbarium. To back part were brought dead bodies for last service. In front part were acted common ceremonies.

Permanent exhibition:

  • Central mortuary and burial ceremonies in the ghetto - documentary period drawings and photos
Opening time - daily (except on Sundays) 10am - 5pm / winter time 10am - 4pm
Admission - single/combination
Address - Bohusovicka brana 326, Terezin; GPS: 50.50605,14.14923
Duration - approx. 15 min.