Magdeburg Barracks

The Magdeburg barracks - former army barracks were used as a seat of Jewish self-goverment during the WWII.

Today it is used as a museum with extensive exhibitions about cultural activities of involuntary inhabitants of the ghetto and it follows up the exhibitons of the Ghetto museum.

Permanent exhibitions:

  • Replica of a prison dormitory from the ghetto period - example of common accomodation
  • Music in the Terezín ghetto - the importance of music for the life of the prisoners and the main personalities of the musical events in the ghetto, period posters
  • Art in the Terezín ghetto - the works of the famous artists in the ghetto as well as works of a number of the other lesser-known artists
  • Literary works in the Terezín ghetto - example of works of adults, youth and children
  • Theatre in the Terezín ghetto - period posters for performances, replica of the theatre and costumes
  • Truth and Lies. Filming in the Terezín ghetto 1942 – 1945 - the exhibition about shooting of propaganda films in the Terezín ghetto (yard of the barracks)

Another offers for visitors:

  • refreshment - drink mashine
  • without barriers
More details to the object you can find in Historical overview
Opening hours: daily 9am - 5pm
Admission: single/combination
Address: Tyršova 204, Terezín, GPS 50.508659, 14.151866
Duration: approx. 45 min