How much is the parking?

The prices of three main parking lots in Terezín are here.

Purchase of books and souvenirs?

The books and souvenirs are possible to buy in the Small fortress, Ghetto museum and Magdeburg barracks.


There are drink and food mashines in the Small fortress and some restaurants and café in the town.


Duration of visit of one of the site takes 1-2 hours / all sites 3-4 hours. The time is indicative and individual.


The pets and the other animals aren´t allowed in any object.


It isn´t possible to ride the bike or walk with it in the Small fortress. There are stands for bikes inside. Riding among the objects in the town is possible. The stands are inside or in front of or each object. 


All objects of the Terezín Memorial are without barriers except of the Small fortress where the sightseeing rout is available with little help of other the one.

Is possible to visit Memorial individualy?

Yes, all objects of Memorial are available without the guide. In this case it is possible to buy printed guidebook on the spot. The printed guidebooks are available in many languages. For visit of the former ghetto is posisible to download the audioguide by cashdesk on the spot.

Is possible to visit Memorial without reservation at anytime?

Yes, for the entrance to objects of Memorial you don´t need any reservation and you can visit them at anytime during the opening times. Visit of all objects takes approx. 3-4 hours.

Is possible to reserve the guided tour if am I alone?

Yes, but it is not guaranteed you will be with guide alone. The private guided tour is possible to reserve on tel. 416 724 535; 604241179 or e-mail: manager@pamatnik-terezin.cz. In this case it is not possible to guarantee your requaire date and time. 

Is possible to have a guided tour without any reservation?

It is possible to ask for actual guided tour in the cask desk on the spot. Our staff will inform you. In this case the guided tour is not guaranteed but it is possible to buy printed guidedbook on the spot. The printed guidebooks are available in many languages.

Is it possible to take a photos or shooting of films?

Yes, taking of photos is possible everywhere without fees. Where it isn´t allowed you will be warn by our staff. Shooting of guide interpretation or shooting for comercial purpose is not allowed at all. Shooting for comercial purpose must be permit by director of Terezín Memorial Jan Roubinek on base of special authorization given in written form. Contact person: Petra Husakova husakova@pamatnik-terezin.cz

Is the ATM on the spot?

Yes, the ATM is in the Small fortress next to the main gate and the other one is in the town on the square.

 For security reasons, all objects managed by the Terezín Memorial are under the continuous surveillance of a camera system, from which a recording is usually made.
The records are processed by the Terezín Memorial. Entity registration number: 00031296.