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The purpose of this document is to familiarize you with the way cookies are handled, with the related processing of personal data, and to provide you with an overview of all your rights in the sense of Act No. 127/2005 Coll., on electronic communications and in the sense of Regulation No. 2016/679, general regulation on the protection of personal data.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of text data that the WWW server sends to the browser, which then saves it for itself, in the HTTP protocol. Every time you visit the same server again, the browser sends this data back to the server. Cookies are normally used to distinguish individual users, store user preferences, etc., and thus simplify the use of websites.

Cookies are stored in the browser as short text files. More detailed information on cookies can be found, for example, on Wikipedia.

How do we use cookies?

Technical cookies

It serves for the basic functionality of the website. E.g. so that the website does not have to ask the user again on each page for consent to other cookies, information about consent or non-consent is stored precisely in the technical cookie.

Other cookies

On this website, we only use cookies that are needed to measure website traffic. We use the Google analytics tool for this - details about this tool can be found on the tool's website.

Current cookie settings

The use of cookies has neither been accepted nor declined rejected (so the website behaves as if it had been declined).