Admission charges

In accordance with Order by the Director of the Terezín Memorial No. 1/2022:

Single ticket:

Small Fortress or Ghetto Museum

  • full: 210,- CZK
  • reduced: 180,- CZK

(The ticket for Ghetto Museum is valid for Magdeburg Barracks as well and vice versa)

Combined entrance:

Small Fortress + Ghetto Museum + Magdeburg Barracks

  • full: 260,- CZK
  • reduced: 200,- CZK
  • family ticket (max. 2 adults + 3 children): 500,- CZK
  • family ticket with the Family passport (max. 2 adults + unlimited number of children): 470,- CZK

Guided tours:

in Czech, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian – for groups from 10 persons – included in the entrance fee – it is necessary to book it in advance, smaller groups as well - for more information see HERE


The reduced entrance fee pay: children (6 – 18 y.o.), students (after showing the appropriate valid student card –  e.g. ISIC/ITIC) and seniors over 65 y.o.

The following persons need not pay the entrance fee: disabled, children until 5 y.o., teachers and bus drivers which are accompanying students’ or pupils’ groups (at most 1 teacher for 10 pupils), former prisoners of concentration camps and of other persecution establishment from WWII, ICOM-members (after showing the ID), press, holders of employee-cards issued by organizations established by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic


Entrance fee reduction:

each group bigger than 39 persons – CZK 10,- less per person


Senior passport:

Reduction for holders of the “Senior Pas” (issued by Sun Drive Communications s.r.o.) after showing the passport and ID – 10% (on October 1st, the International Day of Older Persons, is the reduction 40%)


Independent or guided, 90 minutes. Only the authorized guides by the Terezin Memorial are allowed to give tours in the area of the Small Fortress – see the Visitor code.


Days of Free Admission

In accordance with the Order by Director of the Terezín Memorial No. 2/2015 of 19th May 2015 and Government Resolution No. 96/2014 and the profile tasks set by the Czech Ministry of Culture, the Terezín Memorial will grant its visitors free admissions as follows:

Free entry to selected and permanent exhibitions on:

  • 1st June
  • 28th September
  • 28th October

Applies to objects: Crematorium, Prayer room, Mortuary, Columbarium, Replica of Attics, Ceremonial rooms and the access to e-kiosks.

Free admission to all sites of the Terezín Memorial:

  • the third Sunday in May – on the occasion of the Terezín Commemoration Ceremony - this year 2022 it will be the Sunday 15th May
  • 27th January – on the occasion of the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust and the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity