Small Fortress

The Small Fortress served as a prison of the Prague Gestapo for the opponents of Nazi regime in 1940 - 1945. 

Sightseeing route: 

  • The guards offices and prison cells with partly former facility, showers, sick room, hospital, execution place.
  • Part of the route is 500 m long corridor as the exposition of former fortification. The corridor wasn´t use during WWII.

Permanent exhibitions:

  • The Small Fortress 1940-1945 - on the ground floor in the museum of the SF isdevoted to the history of the political prison; it bears witness to the persecution of the Czech nation under the Nazi regime during the Second World War, and records the fates of Czech prisoners transferred to other concentration camps within the Nazi German Reich.
  • The Terezín Memorial art exhibition "Art against fascism and war" - picture gallery on the first floor of the museum, you can see it also in - videotour (in Czech with ENG subtitles)
  • The prisoner's laundry - replica (III. prison yard)
  • The Litoměřice Forced Labour Camp 1944-1945 - history of concentration camp in Litoměřice by underground factories Richard I and II (III. prison yard)
  • Milada Horáková 1901-1950 - the resistence activity of Milada Horáková in WWII and conspiracy trial in 1950s (former prison hospital)
  • Genocide of the Roma during II. WW - exhibition of the Museum of Romani Culture (will be shown until the end of 2023 in III. prison yard)
  • The perpetrators of crimes. The SS Repressive Staff in Terezín and Litoměřice 1940 – 1945. (III. prison yard)
  • The Internment Camp for Germans – the Small Fortress 1945-1948. (III. prison yard)

 Services for visitors:

  • guided tours - menu
  • contemporary exhibitons
  • watching the short documentary film about history of the Small fortress in the cinema - it starts at 9:00, next every 30 minutes, in Czech with English subtitles
  • souvenir and book shop
  • refreshment (drink and food machines)
  • ATM
  • parking - for car/bus 200 m from the main gate, for bikes inside of the SF
More details to the object you can find in Historical overview 
Opening hours: daily, summer time - 9am - 5pm / winter time 9am - 4pm
Address:  Principova alej 304, Terezín, GPS 50.513895, 14.165206
Duration: approx. 90 min.
Although the sightseeing route is not completely free of barriers, it is well accesible with a little help. The museum, cinema, toilets are without barriers.