Memorial site at the Ohře

Memorial site at the Ohře is located on the left bank of the Ohře river about 1 km downstream from Terezín. Here, in November 1944, the Nazis ordered urns with the ashes of 22,000 dead ghetto inmates to be dumped into the river. Till then the urns were kept in the ghetto columbarium. Immediately after the liberation, a star of David made of birch stakes was placed here to commemorate the event, which was replaced by a granite monument in the early 1970s. A monument with a stylized granite urn and an information board was built near it in 1983. In 2008, a several meter high sculpture of a woman by the sculptor Kiril Postovit was also installed in the left part of this monument. It was revealed on September 21, 2008 as part of the jewish commemoration Kever Avot

The ceremoniall halls and central morgue were also set up in the original fortification on oposite site of the columbarium. To back part were brought dead bodies for last service. In front part were acted common ceremonies.

Opening time - daily, summer time 9am - 6pm / winter time 9am - 5 pm

Admission - free
Address - Kotlina, Terezin; GPS: 50.518563, 14.152569
Duration - approx. 20 min.