Trude Sojka - Holocaust and maternity

28/3/19 @ 14:00 - 9/6/19, 0 Foyer of the cinema in the Ghetto Museum

art exhibition of the Czech artist and holocaust survivor Trude Sojka (1909-2007)

the ceremonial opening of the exhibition will take place on March 28th, 2019 at 2 P.M.

in cooperation with Trude Sojka Cultural House in Ecuador

We are invited to witness the permanent evolution in the life of a Shoah survivor through the different artistic stages of Trude Sojka's work.
During the Holocaust, many Jewish women had to face not only their condition as slaves of the Nazi regime, but also their motherhood in those difficult times. After the war, finding that her brother was the only other survivor of her family, Trude Sojka decided to start a new life in a totally different country from her own: Ecuador, where her brother had emigrated. There, the artist assimilated as much as possible the new culture, although the memories of her homeland still remained. So art became a therapy for her. In the same way as had many inmates from Terezin, Trude Sojka expressed in her artworks - all made after the war her terrible experiences, as well as her good memories, her hope, her gratitude to life, and
her desire of peace. Thus, this exhibit can be seen as a timeless reflection about changes in our lives and our ability of resilience.

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