Jiří Sozanský et al. - Fortress 1980 (OPENING ON 7.10.)

15/4/21 @ 14:00 - 31/10/21, 0 Exhibition spaces in the 4th courtyard

Art exhibition of the following artists: Jiří  Sozanský, Ivan Bukovský, Petr Kovář, Zdeněk Beran, Lubomír Janečka, Oldřich Kulhánek and Ivan Dolejšek

The meeting with the authors of the exhibition will take place on October 7, 2021 at 4 pm. The performance of the Hong Kong artist Loretta Lau "Distance" will take place from 5 pm.

Oldřich Janota will take care of the musical accompaniment.

Poster here https://photos.app.goo.gl/2otkN6sHdSKezwJQ6

Record of the event here https://youtu.be/IZ6b-KPctOk.