Jiří Kačer

14/12/23 @ 14:00 - 28/2/24, 0 Foyer of the cinema in the Small Fortress

Exhibition of sculptures

The exhibition, which the Terezín Memorial presents the work of the sculptor Jiří Kačer, will primarily present one of the segments of his work, namely the large-scale frottages that the artist exhibited for the first time more than ten years ago in the New Hall in Prague.

As a sculptor, he works with a variety of materials - sandstone, marl, limestone, granite, marble, which he gently finishes while respecting the original broken shape - a stone fragment - to which he gives the final form. Jiří Kačer is also based on the structure of worked stone when creating frottages, as evidenced by this exhibition, when he compares them with some previous sculptures. In regard, it is obvious that Kačer's preoccupation with surface structures is evident in both aspects of his work.

  • the foyer of the cinema of the Small Fortress
  • the exhibition will be opened with an opening on December 14, 2023 at 2 p.m