Fritz Lederer. Life and Death in the Terezín Ghetto

18/6/19 @ 14:00 - 1/9/19, 0 Foyer of the cinema in the Ghetto Museum

art exhibition (drawings, graphics)

ceremonial opening of the exhibition will take place on June 18th, 2019 at 2 P.M.

The exhibition of graphics and drawings by Fritz Lederer (1878-1949) is held by the Terezín Memorial to the 70th anniversary of his death. The artist was deported to Terezin in August 1944, and he lived here to the liberation. Preparatory drawings for graphics were probably created directly in the ghetto where Lederer stayed until August 1945, and helped as a volunteer to liquidate it. Then he returned to his birthplace Kynšperk nad Ohří, where he created a cycle of 24 etchings during the next two years. He focused mainly on the situations and stories that he had experienced in Terezin himself (e.g. liquidation of urens with the ashes of deceased prisoners, typhoid epidemic).

Here you can download your own invitation for the ceremonial opening of the exhibition