Engaged to death

14/3/19 @ 14:00 - 2/6/19, 0 Foyer of the cinema in the Small Fortress

documentary exhibition about Irena (Inka) Bernášková, the first Czech woman, which was sentenced by nazis to death

the ceremonial opening of the exhibition will take place on March 14th, 2019 at 2 P.M.

Irena Bernášková, nee Preissigová, nicknamed Inka, was born in Prague on 7 February 1904. From the start of the German occupation she encouraged others to believe that the Czechoslovak Republic would be reborn. Much blood was spilled and the illegal magazine Into Battle (V boj in Czech), with all its well-known and today unknown contributors, was also marked by blood. With utter selflessness, Inka Bernášková sacrificed her life for the good of the nation, for higher ideals, and acted with outstanding bravery. In a letter to her family following the handing down of her death sentence she wrote: “How are you all? Are you sitting comfortably? I have resolved to inform you at last about something that I hadn't the courage to broach last time: since 5 March. I've been engaged to death. Involuntarily, naturally, but since I flirted with it so much through my external activities it's no surprise that its making this demand of me, eh?”

But who is aware of Inka Bernášková today? What do we actually know about this dignified woman who has long deserved a fixed place in the nation's memory? In truth, some know little, others nothing at all. To date not one street or green area has been named after her.

Here you can download your own invitation to the ceremonial opening of the exhibition.