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ref. no.: PT1922/2019

I. The Terezín Memorial complex

  1. The Terezín Memorial (Památník Terezín) is an organization with its own legal subjectivity; it is funded by the Czech Republic Ministry of Culture, which is its constituting body. The Terezín Memorial is state-owned.
  2. The sites administered by the Terezín Memorial that are open to visitors are the following: the Small Fortress and the National Cemetery (National Cultural Monument), the Ghetto Museum and the Park of the Terezín Children, part of the former Magdeburg Barracks, the Jewish Cemetery and the Crematorium, the Columbarium and part of the fortifications, the Ceremonial Halls and the Central Morgue of the Ghetto, the Jewish Prayer Room and a replica of the “garret”, the former Town Weighbridge, the Russian Cemetery, the Soviet Soldiers’ Cemetery, the Railway Siding Memorial Plaque, the Memorial Site by the Ohře River, the Crematorium of the Litoměřice Forced Labour Camp.

II. Opening hours

  1. Small Fortress:
    • Winter season – 1.11. – 31.3.: daily 8:00 – 16:30
    • Summer season – 1.4. – 31.10.: daily 8:00 – 18:00
  2. Ghetto Museum and former Magdeburg Barracks:
    • Winter season – 1.11. – 31.3.: daily 9:00 – 17:30
    • Summer season – 1.4. – 31.10.: daily 9:00 – 18:00
  3. Crematorium at the Jewish Cemetery:
    • closed Saturdays
    • Winter season – 1.11. – 31.3.: Sunday – Friday 10:00 – 16:00
    • Summer season – 1.4. – 31.10.: Sunday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00
  4. Columbarium, Ceremonial Halls and Central Morgue:
    • Winter season – 1.11. – 31.3.: daily 9:00 – 17:00
    • Summer season – 1.4. – 31.10.: daily 9:00 – 18:00
  5. Jewish Prayer Room, replica of the “garret”, Town Weighbridge:
    • Winter season – 1.11. – 31.3.: daily 9:00 – 17:30
    • Summer season – 1.4. – 31.10.: daily 9:00 – 18:00
  6. The other sites are either open without restrictions or their opening hours are the same as the opening hours of the neighbouring sites; the Crematorium of the Litoměřice Forced Labour Camp can only be visited by prior arrangement.
  7. The opening hours change between the summer and winter seasons; this change takes effect from the day following the change from winter time to summer time, i.e. roughly at the end of October and the end of March (these are only approximate dates, as the precise date of the time change differs from year to year).
  8. All the sites at the Terezín Memorial are closed from 24–26 December and on 1 January.
  9. The opening days and hours at the individual sites are subject to alteration depending on operational requirements; in exceptional cases, the Terezín Memorial may decide to close part of a tour route.
  10. On the third Sunday of each month at 10 a.m., the Terezín Commemoration Ceremony (Terezínská tryzna) is held at the National Cemetery outside the Small Fortress. During this commemoration ceremony it is not possible for visitors to enter the Small Fortress.

 III. Entrance fees

  1. A fee must be paid to enter the following sites:
    • the Small Fortress
    • the Ghetto Museum
    • the former Magdeburg Barracks
      • Entrance fees are not collected on days when the Terezín Commemoration Ceremony is held (i.e. the third Sunday of each month) or on 27 January (International Holocaust Remembrance Day).
  2. No entrance fees are collected at the other sites; however, in order to visit the other sites it is necessary to possess a valid ticket to one of the sites listed above as 1.a)–c); authorized employees are entitled to ask visitors to present their valid tickets for inspection. Tickets are not checked on 1 June, 28 September or 28 October.
  3. Entrance fees are paid before starting the tour. The entrance fees (and any changes to the tour routes) are displayed on noticeboards located at the ticket offices of the sites where an entrance fee is collected.
  4. Entrance fees can also be paid on the basis of an invoice and bank transfer; in such cases, it is necessary to send an order in writing, containing all necessary details (the ordering organization’s address, company identification number, VAT number, etc.). An authorized employee of the Terezín Memorial may approve payment on the basis of an invoice and bank transfer, but there is no entitlement to use this form of payment. If the ordering party has a history of failure to pay or of late payment, approval for an invoice/bank transfer payment may be revoked and payment in cash may be demanded instead.
  5. After paying the entrance fee, visitors receive a ticket, which they must retain throughout the tour and present to an employee of the Terezín Memorial for inspection if so requested. The ticket is valid only on the date of purchase, and only for one tour of the site.
  6. Discounted entrance fees apply to the following groups:
    • young people (age 6 to 18)
    • seniors
    • students in higher education, after presentation of a student identification card
    • families – maximum 2 adults and 3 children (family tickets)
    • groups of 40 people or more
      • To be eligible for a discounted entrance fee, it is necessary to present the relevant documentation.
  7. Entrance to the sites is free of charge for the following groups:
    • children up to age 6
    • teachers accompanying primary/secondary school groups (max. 1 teacher per 10 children/students) and bus drivers accompanying visitor groups
    • former inmates of concentration camps and other persons persecuted during the Second World War
    • members of ICOM, AMG
    • holders of employee passes issued by the Czech Republic Ministry of Culture and organizations constituted and funded by the Ministry of Culture (the pass must have a Ministry of Culture sticker) plus 3 additional people
    • journalists
    • people with physical and/or mental disabilities – holders of the Czech TP, ZTP or ZTP-P cards or the EU Disability Card
    • people with permanent residence in the town of Terezín
      • To be eligible for entry free of charge, it is necessary to present the relevant documentation. A complete and up-to-date list of all eligible groups is displayed at each ticket office.

IV. Tours of the sites

  1. Tours are either individual (without a guide) or guided (accompanied by a Terezín Memorial guide).
  2. At the Small Fortress, only authorized guides of the Terezín Memorial are permitted to provide guided tours.
  3. If you require a guided tour, we recommend that you book in advance; groups with confirmed bookings have priority when guides are allocated.
  4. When entering areas with restricted capacity (small cells, corridors, etc.), groups accompanied by Terezín Memorial guides have priority. Other visitors must wait until the guide has completed that part of the tour.
  5. Smoking is prohibited at all sites of the Terezín Memorial, including the outdoor areas of the Small Fortress.

V. Other uses of the Terezín Memorial complex

  1. Musical, vocal/choral, theatrical and other performances may be held at the Terezín Memorial solely on the basis of a permit issued by the management of the Terezín Memorial and in compliance with the conditions stipulated in the permit.
  2. It is permitted to take photographs and make video recordings in both the exterior and interior parts of the complex solely for the visitor’s personal use. For safety reasons, in the interior parts of the complex it is prohibited to use selfie sticks and tripods, and flash photography is prohibited in the exhibitions.
  3. Professional photography and video recordings (for other purposes than for personal use) are permitted solely on the basis of a special permit issued by the management of the Terezín Memorial, which must be arranged in writing in advance.
  4. The following activities are prohibited within the Terezín Memorial complex:
    • all forms of sales, whether stall-based or mobile
    • harassing visitors by asking them for money or other forms of support
    • any forms of advertising, active marketing, merchandising, petitioning or charity events without the prior approval of the management of the Terezín Memorial
    • carrying weapons, hazardous substances or other items which could cause material damage or could harm health

VI. Protection of cultural monuments and security of collections

  1. For the entire duration of their time at the Terezín Memorial, visitors must behave in a considerate manner and with a level of dignity corresponding with the historical, social and cultural significance of the Terezín Memorial. Visitors must behave with the highest level of consideration towards the material assets of this cultural monument as well as towards other visitors.
  2. Visitors must comply with the instructions of Terezín Memorial employees and other authorized persons. If a visitor fails to comply with such instructions issued in the interests of the safety and security of visitors and the protection of the sites and collections of the Terezín Memorial, the visitor will be expelled from the Terezín Memorial without reimbursement of the entrance fee, or the matter will be passed to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
  3. Visitors must inform Terezín Memorial employees and other authorized persons about any risk, danger, hazard, or evident breach of these visitor regulations.
  4. It is prohibited in any way to damage sites, collections, greenery and any other property at the sites of the Terezín Memorial and to cause disturbance to other visitors, especially in the following ways:
    • by touching the exhibited items (unless it is explicitly permitted)
    • by writing or painting on walls, or damaging them in any other way
    • by leaving the tour route or entering closed or non-public areas and buildings
    • by making or causing loud noise (live or recorded music, non-permitted singing, voice recordings, loud speech or shouting, and similar behaviour) which disrupts a tour guide or causes disturbance to visitors
    • by eating or drinking inside buildings, entering buildings while carrying ice cream, drinks etc.
    • by picking flowers, breaking branches of trees and bushes, walking on lawns and grassy areas or walking off the marked paths, etc.
    • by riding or using bicycles, kick-scooters, roller-skates, skateboards etc. (wheelchairs are permitted)
    • by entering sites and buildings with dogs or other animals
    • by dropping litter (except in the litter bins provided)
    • by wearing clothes which promote political movements or other ideologies which may disrupt the commemorative purpose of the Terezín Memorial or which may cause public offence in any other way
    • by disturbing the peace or disrupting order in any other way

VII. Fire protection and visitor safety

  1. Visitors must familiarize themselves with these regulations and with all applicable safety measures, especially those concerning physical safety and fire protection.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to smoke or to use open flames inside the visitor buildings. In the case of a fire, visitors must comply with all instructions issued by Terezín Memorial employees and other authorized persons.
  3. During the tour of the Terezín Memorial, each visitor is insured against injury. If an injury occurs during a tour, the injured party can contact an employee of the Terezín Memorial.
  4. The management of the Terezín Memorial bears no responsibility for injuries and damage caused as a result of breaches of the visitor regulations.

VIII. Final provisions

  1. Visitors can record any requests, complaints and comments in writing in the Requests and Complaints Book, which will be made available to them on request at any of the ticket offices of the Terezín Memorial, or they can contact the management of the Terezín Memorial in any other way.
  2. These visitor regulations become valid on the date on which they are displayed. These visitor regulations replace and annul the previous version of the regulations (dated 28 January 2020, ref. no. PT 1922/2019).


Terezín, 20 November 2020


PhDr. Jan Roubínek

Director of the Terezín Memorial