Terezín Commemoration Ceremony 2020

17/5/20 @ 10:00, 0 National Cemetery at the Small Fortress

A memorial event on the ocassion of the 75th anniversary of liberation to commemorate the victims of Nazi persecution

Programme of the Terezín Commemoration Ceremony

  • Honour unit of the Castle guard & musicians enter the National Cemetery
  • Laying of wreaths and bouquets at the National Cemetery
  • Anthem of the Czech Republic
  • Guest welcome message and Ceremony opening - Jan Roubínek, Director of the Terezín Memorial
  • Main speech - Pavel Rychetský, President of the Constitutional Court
  • Words of witness
  • Christian prayer
  • Jewish prayer
  • Music
  • Commemoration Ceremony closing - Jan Roubínek, Director of the  Terezín Memorial
  • Flag escorted; Honour guard departs

During the time of the Terezin Commemoration Ceremony (till 12 P.M.) the Small Fortress will be closed to the public!

  • Organizer: Terezín Memorial
  • Co-organizers: Ústí Region, Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic, City of Terezín, Terezín Initiative

All day admission is not charged in any building of the Terezín Memorial Memorial